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Production begins tomorrow, February 23, 2008, on our entry for the Diary of the Dead DVD contest. Production will wrap Sunday night and we will go immediately into post production on the film. The film in it’s entirety should be about 3-4 minutes in length and should be one fun ride!

The film will star David Doumeng (from our spec commercial series – see NETFLIX SPEC and GOT MILK? THE MILK CRASHER spec), Dawn Jones, and Douglas Frye (co-writer of “FOREVER,” our Award Winning Feature Film).

Shot, Edited, Visual FX, and Directed by Paul Del Vecchio. Produced by David Doumeng and Paul Del Vecchio. Written by David Doumeng.

Pictures and behind the scenes material of this short will follow in the coming days.

We also will have a behind the scenes video from the NETFLIX SPEC COMMERCIAL detailing the shooting and the Visual FX from the commercial. This should be available early next week.

Stay tuned, because you don’t want to miss out on any of this!

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